L’inglese non funziona così

crediti: Sky tg24

It’s like eating a cup of mulled wine

Photo courtesy of Lenses and Lentils

Celebrate the season with this strange pie from southern Italy

Photo courtesy of Journo.it

The short answer: yes.

To understand the fundamental differences between American and European flour, see this previous post.

This is why the best bakers never use American flour

A deliciously easy alternative from central Italy

Passatelli has 3 main ingredients: breadcrumbs, parmesan, and egg.

The dark history of bread

(Photo courtesy of Freepik)

And most people throw it away

(Image via Piaceri della Vita )

(Image credit: The Prince of Egypt, DreamWorks, 1998)


If it involves words, count me in. Currently living in Bologna, Italy. www.elisezell.com

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